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March 10th -
Vienna returns to Little Minsky's!
One of San Francisco's all-time favorite burlesque revues,
nestled within the cozy cabaret confines of The DeLuxe!
Haight St. - San Francisco, CA
$10 - 21+ - Show at 10:00

March 19th -
It's Booty SF! The DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA
Get more info and buy advance tickets here!:

***March 26th***
Vienna La Rouge returns to guest star at the 9th annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball!***
Portland, OR
The Melody Ballroom
For more information on this amazing event, visit the event website at
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October 15th! Come see me and a bevy of other beauties and artists of the burlesque stage!...

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I recently purchased a beautiful 1930s dress from Germany, with the original matching jacket.
Of course this set me back a bit, and I need to sell off a few of my other vintage wardrobe items.
It's worth it though, and it's kind of a rule I have anyway; buy a new thing, get rid of an old thing.
I have so many things that I have hardly worn, and I'd rather see them go to a good home, rather than just sit in my closet.
Right now I have a 1940s suit and a few pairs of shoes listed, along with other items I have made, and a couple of vintage sewing patterns.
A featured item is a pair of shoes that I have worn on stage, embellished with Swarovski crystal that went with a red costume of mine.
More items are on the way, as soon as I can get all the photos I need.
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Vienna returns to Little Minsky's!
Doors at 9:00, Show at 10:00 - $5 cover, 21 and up.
Hosted at the fabulous Club DeLuxe!
1511 Haight St (at Ashbury) - San Francisco, CA

More at!
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There are a couple of new updates over at my 18th century sewing blog

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I've started a more private journal away from this one.
Nothing bad has gone down, but I need a place to post more "off stage" personal subjects, rants, raves, etc.
Facebook still doesn't quite cut it when it comes to journal applications.

This LJ will continue to be used for updates regarding my performance dates, picture posts from said shows and/or photo shoots when able. Plus the occasional sewing post.

I will be sending friend requests to those of you I wish to add to the new journal; [ profile] edel_vice.
If you don't get added, please understand and respect my decision.

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The music's flowing and sequins glowing as cocktails clink and sly smiles curve the lips of stylish vamps. It's the Little Minsky's mix of glamour and spice, burlesque and cabaret with a dash of drag. And for our next show, we're welcoming four first-time Minsky performers - virtuoso jazz chanteuse Sheelagh Murphy, vintage and vaudeville-influenced world fusion belly dancer Wendy Marlatt, stunning drag vocalist Honey Mahogany and sensational original songs from Spanish singer/guitarist Joan Cerqueiro. In the art of the tease, the shimmy and shake, we have the vivacious Twilight Vixen Revue, ever-elegant Vienna la Rouge, irrepressible Sparkly Devil, luscious Honey Lawless, pin-up perfect Pin Key Lee and the intoxicating Mai Tai. Jovial host Kingfish leads the way through these enticing acts, but if you find yourself frequently following him to the bar, don't say we didn't warn you...

Twilight Vixen Revue
Vienna la Rouge
Sparkly Devil
Honey Lawless
Pin Key Lee
Mai Tai

Sheelagh Murphy - Cabaret chanteuse
Wendy Marlatt - World fusion belly dance
Joan Cerqueiro - Original Spanish ballads
Honey Mahogany - Drag vocal diva
Michael McIntosh & Daniel Fabricant - Piano genius and bassist extraordinaire of The Cottontails.

MC - Kingfish!

DJ Oran - swingin' retro tunes

Thursday, April 8th
Club Deluxe
1511 Haight St (at Ashbury), San Francisco
9pm — 2am, Show at 10:00pm
$5, 21 and Up

--- Every Second Thursday ---

Little Minsky's is brought to you by Douglas Good (of Cabaret Verdalet).
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[ profile] sokkmonkey and I went and saw Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester in Oakland Saturday night...

I'm in heaven,
and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek."
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I'll be in Seattle the weekend of March 5th. Stay tuned, more info soon ;-p
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From the Rio Carnival 1940 event.
I'll post more soon.

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I originally posted this in Facebook, but I should also share this here. I've made this a somewhat permanent post at the top of my journal so it won't get missed by newcomers:

It was recently brought to my attention by a friend that perhaps some people who see photos of me in various modes of WWII German dress may be confused and even offended.
I don't feel as though I should have to apologize, however; I need to make a few points very clear.
Even posting any sort of disclaimer should never be needed, but I'm someone who likes to have her bases covered. I imagine some may even take it upon themselves to make assumptions about me and my general character, based on these images, instead of just asking me about them. These individuals may even start spreading lies and rumors in an attempt to stir up drama, of which I want no part.
So, for those of you who are either new friends or old here, and are curious as to why I have photos on LJ, Facebook and elsewhere of me wearing said uniforms, here's a nice serving of clarification:
Please read on... )


Jan. 6th, 2010 08:38 pm
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Well, 1930s skirt is done, made from a rayon/linen blend woven. Similar to a gabardine but with a softer hand and drape.
It has a really deep hem fold since I needed to shorten it a tad from its intended length.
Still, it's within a historically accurate range, in regard to 1930s hemlines ;-p
But, since it has such a deep fold, it shows a bit from the underside after pressing.
I may try to fix it, I have a few options.
Looks great on though.

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It's been a long time since I've posted anything here of substance.
Facebook is currently my preferred realm when it comes to updating friends and acquaintances via online forums.
The only thing that is missing is the simplicity of posting to any kind of journal like LJ.
Facebook has a "notes" section where people can post entries, but it's just not the same.
Other than that, there's the updates option, but that only allows a certain number of characters. You can barely get 3 sentences in without going over the limit.
So now, I guess there is a way to have your LJ posts show up on your Facebook. Heh!
Looks like I will never completely abandon JL after all.

Today offered much needed rest. I feel broken after the Holiday season, and it seemed to just go on, and on, and on. Even after New Year's eve was past.
People have been the most rude, annoying/annoyed, and ill behaved in the last 4 days than during the post holiday madness of November and December.

[ profile] sokkmonkey and I are doing wonderfully, snuggling often to keep warm during these winter months. All we want to do is stay in bed under the downy blankets and...well, the rest is none of your business ;->
He had a nice chunk of time off for the holidays, and it was nice to just spend time together whenever I wasn't at work. We rang in the new year and just stayed in, drinking schnapps, watching the fireworks, and gazing at the rare blue moon beaming with its impressive Saturn-like ring in the night sky above us. I don't remember ever seeing a blue moon before, and I'm glad I did, wrapped in the arms of my love.

Right now I wait for red fabric to preshrink and dry, before I cut and sew it into a simple 1930s skirt. I hope there's enough. (edited to add: there is, whew!)
I've been wanting to make a ton of stuff lately, including things for [ profile] sokkmonkey, but today I just feel exhausted and unmotivated. My back is giving me grief again too.
I've just got to suck it up. Time to sew.

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A couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend out with a short film/advert he was filming in 35mm.
The subject was Kübler Absinthe and inspired by Manet's painting, "Bar at the Folies Bergere". I play the girl at the absinthe bar.

Unfortunately, unless you are logged into Facebook you can't see it. I've not yet found another source for the video to share, but when it becomes available, I'll post it.
For now, the link for those on the FB:
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Here is a link to my new 18th century sewing and general project blog.
I wanted a more public space *outside of LJ* for my personal sewing projects, and something that focuses specifically on the 18th century....and this LJ of mine is a somewhat messy mix of burlesque, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
My intent is that this blog also becomes a resource for others researching everything from sewing projects to art of the era.
I just put it together, so stay tuned for lot's of goodies...

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