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(Prices already reflect Markdowns)
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Here's a shot of me firing a K-98 this past weekend at another historical WWII battle event. I think I shot (blank) rounds out of at least 5 different WWII German guns, so much fun! Everything from a pistol to early machine guns.
There's video too ;-> That's coming soon.

Made my ears ring for a good 30 seconds after...

Photo taken by Nicole Hauptmann


Sep. 9th, 2009 01:21 pm
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Since I moved from Seattle to California last October (holy crap it's been nearly a year), I noticed that I'd gained a bit of weight.
Now don't get all excited.
It was weight only I noticed, and a matter of an inch here and there, which made my clothes fit improperly.
To everyone else I looked the same, I can carry it well, but I was uncomfortable.
Not just in my clothes, in my own skin.
I chalk it up to living in a place that is completely devoid of hills and has limited options when it comes to just walking to the store/theater/teriyaki joint/work.
Also; fast food. It's everywhere here, and readily available.
I was eating it maybe once a week at most, and for me that's overkill.
In Seattle, I'd indulge in a burger from Kidd Valley perhaps once a month, if that.

Since starting the job at the Benefit counter, I'm on my feet all day and rushing about, at least four days out of the week.
I've not had a bite of processed food in two weeks. I bring my lunch to work, which mostly consists of a turkey sandwich, with spinach leaves, mustard, and fat free mayo.
I've lost about 3 inches off my waist and 2 off my hips.
I just tried on one of my old pencil skirts that has always been super snug; it fits again, probably better than it did before.
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While I'd eventually like to add upside down triangle shaped pockets on the front hips (with more of the ribbon trim as the cuffs), the dress is complete. [ profile] sokkmonkey and I ran down to the very Deco Heritage Theater and snapped a few quick shots yesterday. It's near Campbell California's historic downtown, but it could easily pass for summer in Berlin circa 1938 ;->
Click on thumbnails for full size images.

A vintage treatment on this one:

Detail shot of the vintage ribbon trim I used, originally found on Etsy (I heart Etsy!):

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At least not during the work week, for the most part. It really depends on my energy level after work.
The last four days I was blessed with some much needed time off and a visit from mom.
I was also able to get some major sewing in on two projects. 2, at once!
One is a white cotton dress made from an old 1939 dress pattern, with a red/white ribbon trim bearing a very Germanic eagle ;-) It just needs to be hemmed and photographed on me.
Hopefully [ profile] sokkmonkey/Anders can help me with the latter sometime over the next week or so.
The other is a hat commission I've been working on, for lady headed to Carnival in Venice Italy this February. It's nearly done, but I want to send her photos before any final trimmings/feathers are attached.

My fetish for all things 18th century rococo has reared its head again, as it so often does.
The other day, Anders and I were out running errands, hunting down various sewing project
materials. I found some great cottons on sale that will make wonderful 1770s and 80s ensembles.
Not only do I need to start replenishing my 18th century wardrobe (I have tons of Victorian wear, but I'm down to one 1700s dress and a "so-so" pair of stays/corset), I also need to build one for Anders.
I'm thinking we'll start with dressy yet casual day wear; India cotton print dresses and Gainsborough hats for me, light weight wool frock coats and silk/cotton breeches & waistcoats for him.
It'll all be in the accessorizing and trimmings.
So many Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild events are coming up.
The dressier rococo stuff we'll have time to plan out for Tea with the Duchess of Devonshire in February.

But, the Gatsby picnic is coming up on the 13th of this month, gah!
We need a quick 1920s ensemble for Anders...and me. I have some stuff but it's kind of 'Meh' 20s and more late 30s.
I'm thinking for Anders we could just find some nice linen slacks, a crew sweater or sports jacket and the right hat, and he's set. It's not like it's an evening or cocktail event where he'd need a suit.
The GAP or Structure is sometimes good for something, they rehash 1920s men's stuff like there's no tomorrow.
It being a 1920s theme makes it easier for me too; my dress can be something filmy and rather simple to cut and sew. I have tons of silk Georgette and such that need to be put to use.

Damn it all to heck.
I just need to win the lottery so I can stay home and sew all day.
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...The sewing, for myself and friends. And I'm not talking about the hats or accessories I make.
There are so many larger projects I yearn to do. So much fabric waiting in storage to be molded and stitched into dresses, corsets and gowns. So many things I want to make for [ profile] sokkmonkey too. He needs a 1920s through 1940s wardrobe, and I really want to make us a few 18th century items too. My 18th century wardrobe needs replenishing.
I need a couple of new burlesque costumes too, and at this point, some old stand by's need to be reworked in a bad way.
It hurts to even think about it, and how exhausted I am after work all the time. Even those days I don't close and come home in the early evening at 6:30.

I just downloaded a bunch of vintage patterns from an archive. Hopefully I'll get to use them someday.
Most of the time, all I want to do is vegetate when I get home.
My days off have recently been 50% getting stuff done I couldn't during the work week, and the other 50% is recovery time. I often spend 4 to 5 days in a row standing on concrete without sitting except briefly for lunch, on top of performing in the occasional burlesque/fashion show (because I almost always work the day after, or day of).
While I like working with Benefit Cosmetics, I loathe Macy's. Dealing with their bullshitatude is draining enough on its own.
There are things I could do to improve the situation for the time being;
Get better shoes, even though the ones I have now aren't that bad.
Get better sleep.
Improve the current diet; more grains, fresh veggies and fruits.
More exercise.

I think things will improve soon though.
Recently it's just been a super odd and busy schedule, but otherwise I've gotten back into the rhythm of retail. Macy's is also making some drastic changes with their scheduling system so that employees have more control (?) over their schedules. We can also request time off online without having to submit a written request for a manager to overlook or accidentally toss in the trash :-\
We'll see. It all goes into effect on the 11th, and I need to get a few small chunks of days off in October.

As far as the sewing projects go, I just need to take small steps right now.
I found an amazing cotton woven ribbon with the Bavarian eagle crest woven in red and white.
The dress pattern I have for it is a simple 1939 day dress I'll make from a white cotton, with a square border neckline that the ribbon will run along. Total Germanicanity!
[ profile] sokkmonkey has a Victorian men's frock coat that needs to get made, but it's a reminder to me why I don't usually do most vintage pieces.
So, baby steps until I can get into the rhythm of sewing again.
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Been a while since I've been able to use my Molotov Cocktease icon...really should bring that outfit out of storage ;->
Season 4!!!
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Here it is!
@ San Francisco's Mezzanine club for the New Wave City 17 year anniversary party:

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"Howdy Friends & Neighbors!

HUBBA HUBBA REVUE returns to Oakland's swanky UPTOWN CLUB this Monday night, August 24th, with a line-up guaranteed to put the sizzle in your swim trunks!

Summer 2009 is slippin' away fast! Come on down and see us again before it's gone for good!

MONDAY, August 24th, we've got:

Lola Vauntz!
Sparkly Devil!
sASSy Hotbuns!
Honey Lawless!
The Amazing L.B.T.!
Professor Shimmy!
Calamity Lulu!
Zip the What-Is-It?!

...and everyone's favorite drunks/MC's, Kingfish & Eddie!

all for just FIVE BUCKS!

Doors 9PM, Show 10:15PM
21 & Up w/ID

1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
(just 1 block from 19th Street BART!)

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There were definite plans being formed for another Glam-O-Rama tour to Portugal and maybe Spain in October.
The promoters have canceled ours and many other performances in Portugal due to "political unrest". I'd still go anyway, but whatever.
There are a lot of things happening in October here on the home front I'd like to do, like perhaps heading up to Seattle, Burlesque performances/modeling gigs, I think another WWII event, bay area costumed shindigs, etc.

In more epic suckatude; I just discovered they are putting aspartame in one of mine and Anders' favorite beverages >;-(
The Safeway brand Clear flavored sparkling water was our favorite because it didn't have any cancer causing crap.
Now it does. Not sure when they changed this, but I sure as hell don't remember seeing aspartame in the ingredients the last time I checked.
Oh well, back to the drawing board...


Aug. 15th, 2009 02:52 pm
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When you're a jet, you're a jet all the way. From your first cigarette, till your last dying day...or UN-dying day:
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"Ladies and gents, Little Minsky's is just around the corner with a
sultry summer showcase guaranteed to keep the mercury riding high.
For the first time on the Minsky's stage, we're pleased to welcome
the sizzling Vienna La Rouge known for her spectacular costume
creations as well as her elegant allure. And visiting us from New
York, Baton Rouge flaunts her twirling talents and for once we're not
talking about tassels here. Your mistress of ceremonies, the shady
chanteuse Jill Tracy leads this night of delightful diversions
featuring the smoldering Flame Cynders, luscious Miss de Minna, red
hot Dottie Lux, Pin Key Lee, Ariyana La Fey, Honey Lawless and Kiss
Me Kate. But wait, there's more. Swing to the slick jazz sounds of
the Deluxe All-Stars, a combo of stellar musicians from the Deluxe
scene assembled for your enjoyment by hep cat trombonist Danny Grewen.

Yes, it's a big show. We recommend at least four martinis (or
preferred cocktail alternative)...
- Douglas Good

Thursday, August 13th
Club Deluxe
1511 Haight St (at Ashbury), San Francisco
9pm — 2am, Show at 10:00pm
$5, 21 and Up

Vienna La Rouge
Flame Cynders
Miss de Minna
Dottie Lux
Pin Key Lee
Ariyana La Fey
Honey Lawless
Kiss Me Kate

Baton Rouge - New York baton-twirler extraordinaire
Deluxe All-Stars - hot jazz combo
Jill Tracy - nefarious chanteuse
Oran - swingin' dance tunes
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From Steampunk Con 2008 back in October, during the costume contest.
I won 3rd Place.
Lots of fun and some amazing costumes to be seen ;-)
(that's Autumn Adamme's finger pointing at my gown. She is the owner/creator/super brain of San Francisco's famous Dark Garden Corsetry Atelier).

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I've settled on a pretty pattern using the Deer Antler print from that fabric I found.
I altered the design a little, and added my initial for a customized look ;->
The colors of the original print have been dramatically changed via Photoshop to work better as a background image.
And I've always liked burgundy and grey together.

Speaking of the Deer fabric; the color scheme is definitely different from what I posted earlier, as expected.
The deer/bird pattern is a rich persimmon red against a muted slate blue.
I think one section of the deer head/antlers would be just the right size for use on the front of a corset.
Now I just need to figure out a plan for the rest of it.
I'll most likely make a short, pin up-esque bustle skirt to go with the corset.
If I'm going to be making a corset with this dramatic fabric, it needs to be a whole ensemble.
Something along the lines of 'Marie Antoinette goes Alpine chic'.
Let them eat strudel!
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and the next event is Dark Garden's Midnight Fashion Show!
It will be held at San Francisco's "Mezzanine/New Wave City" on Saturday, August 15.
9pm until 2am, 21+ with Valid ID, Cover: $12

I get fitted this Tuesday with a rehearsal on Sunday.
A bit short notice, but it's doable.
The Saturday of the show itself, I may literally need to leave straight from work unless I can finagle leaving a smidgen early to swoop up [ profile] sokkmonkey.
I've never been so glad to be working at a makeup counter ;-) a quick touch up before the show will be a snap.

There is another DG event I'm tentatively scheduled to appear in on Sept. 15th, and I'll post details as I get them.
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Well sort of ;-)
I took this photo "Myspace profile style" a couple months ago to sell the hat on Etsy,
but I actually liked how the photo turned out.

As a big fan of early color photography, I shopped the hue and color balance just a smidgen to resemble the old Agfacolor photos of 1930s Europe. It reminded me of some photos I'd seen of fashionable Parisian ladies, continuing to be fashionable, during Germany's occupation of France.

Agfacolor is a series of color photographic products produced by Agfa of Germany. It was originally introduced in 1932 as a 'screen plate' version, similar to the Autochrome process, but in late 1936 Agfa introduced Agfacolor-Neu transparency film. This technique is based on the patent no. 253335 of Dr. Rudolf Fischer 1911, Berlin. The new Agfacolor film was a 'tri-pack', like Kodachrome, introduced by Kodak in 1935....
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I just ordered two yards of some amazing fabric for a super deal.
I would have bought more, but money is a bit tight at the moment, and I hope that I can find more once I have the extra play money.
The collection of fabrics associated with this motif are some that [ profile] sokkmonkey and I must hoard as soon as we get the chance. Not for clothing projects really, but for our future home decor plans when we move into that craftsman era house we both yearn for.
While the antler damask print obviously speaks to my Germanic side ;-) the rest are of a similar but more subtle mix of Wiemar era europe, combined with Arts & Crafts period style.
The colors in the fabrics are rich and at times striking, and would be perfect made into accent window drapery, pillows, duvet covers, the list is endless.
Obviously I wouldn't use these two directly together, but on their own in separate rooms as the focus of a room's decor.
It would need to be a bit like wearing only a pair of fantastical earrings with a black dress, and ditching the necklace, to avoid looking overdone.

For my journal's background image here, I adjusted the intensity of the antler damask in Photoshop to be a little more subtle to the eye. Until I get the fabric in the mail and can take good photos or scans of it, the wallpaper here will look a bit crooked.
Here is something close to what the actual colors are:

While I want to at least make a skirt from the 2 yards, I also plan on using one of the deer motifs for the front panel of a corset, which will be a style mix of Victorian and 1700s.
I want it to resemble the bodice of a dirndl dress; the low-cut neckline nearly exposing the whole bosom, maybe decorated with traditional German silver clasps down either side of the decorative panel(?), while the rest will be made of a pale blue sateen to match the background.
The trim, I think, will be some rosenrusch or holfalten trim I can hand make from a nice satin or silk ribbon in a color to match the deer. It can go around the neckline and on either side of the front panel.
But to be realistic, I have a few other sewing projects that must be completed always.


Jul. 22nd, 2009 03:23 pm
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From [ profile] sokkmonkey's high school reunion weekend in San Luis...

Steeling our resolve. (no, we weren't actually drinking and driving)

Can you tell I'm ready for this? lol!
Yes, my dress screams 'ABBA''s why I bought it ;-p

Wait, where's Aletha?...

There she is!

Me hiding behind my WWII German SS-VT camouflage scarf, care of The GAP.

Munching on BBQ'd lime chicken tacos with homemade guacamole and mango salsa, thanks to Jethro(sp?) at left.
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Both myself and [ profile] sokkmonkey are huge fans of a band named ROME.
Their music softly murmured it's way into both our hearts when I first posted about my discovery of them, not long before he and I began our romance.
Their previous album Masse, Mensch, Material will always remind me of that first visit with him. The photo shoot at the Armory in San Francisco; our arms entwined in an embrace for the camera, while our hearts nearly beat out of our chests. The subtle roughness of his wool uniform through my silk blouse and on my skin, the glint of his medals and the way the brim of his hat made his blue eyes smolder even more on that June afternoon.
*der sigh*
Recently they released another album, after a supposed disbanding. Well, I'm happy to say they are back and what they have given us is even more astonishingly beautiful than anything I've heard from the neofolk/martial music world in a long time. Not since Death In June has anyone hit that sweet spot. And yes, while they do borrow a lot of elements from Death In June, they are able to separate themselves just enough from what came before, to make it something completely fresh and uniquely their own.
The first four tracks on their Myspace player are from the new release, Flowers From Exile.
I urge you to listen if you've never heard them before:

Flowers From Exile
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